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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 21:15:13 -0700 (PDT) From: Gloryhole Junkie Subject: "Real Incest" Part One"Real Incest" By Mr. gloryholeJUNKIE Disclaimer:If you're an adult, don't have sex with a kid.If you're a kid, don't have sex with an adult. Yes. It goes both ways (like your dad).Don't read this if it's against your Religion's teachings and you might, therefore, face beheading (for as bbs nymphets pictures long as your face is attached to that head, of course).If you're a dad, don't confuse fucking your son with teaching him about the "Birds and the Bees" (he'll start to wonder how many loads he petite nymphet tgp has to take before "procreating nymphette pics nude the species" angle to the act kicks in).And if you're a son, nude european nymphets don't wake nymphets russian incest your dad up with a blow job and then explain that you were only looking for him to give you a little brother or sister (a million of nymphet model links them).Do try to restrain yourself to reading (and whacking) rather than acting out the following story line by line and russian nude nymphets scene by scene.Don't publish, re-post or print (in other words, "plagiarize" the following story. All rights reserved. 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He was married to a plump woman who had long been great friends with Jock's nymphets incest bbs pedo mother.By the age photo pedo nymphette incest of three, Len had used Jock in any number of photo sessions down in the basement. Or in Jock's bedroom when everyone would be out.While anyone who new Len had seen his moody black and white shots of Christmas trees on State Street or of dogs barking in the alley that ran behind their apartment building, no one except for a handful of men who would meet him in the public park in the afternoon, ever saw the enormous stash of photographs that he'd taken of Jock.They saw the one or two where Jock was in his family's living room, reading a child's storybook. And they saw the one where Jock, at age six, was in a doorway wearing a fedora as to look like Sam Spade.But they didn't the hundreds of hand printed shots of Jock at three with an adult cock in his mouth. Or the one, at age five, of his spread butt cheeks. And they never saw the one of him at age eleven where two men are sucking his hairless erection.The only people who ever saw those photographs were Len and nymphets online pictures his boy lover buddies who would congregate at Mark White Park where they're suck off older boys and molest the littler ones all day.But unbeknownst to Len, he wasn't the only one under that roof who was fiddling with Jock.His bachelor uncle, a man in his late 50s named William, lived with Jock and his family. And when everyone else would be out at school or work, he'd have Jock play with his penis in front of him as he's masturbate. When he'd cum, he'd shoot it all over the boy's face and nymphets india mouth. And then tell him to clean himself off.In that sense, he was using his 12yo nude nymphets school-aged nephew as a form of living porn material.And then there was Jock's own father. He was in his early fifties and Jock was a surprise.While his other children were in their late teens and early twenties, Jock was just entering kindergarten.And that was when Jock's dad was laid off. It was the Depression and a lot of men were out of work. And a lot of them turned russian nymphets pics to drink.And a lot of them boy nymphet also turned to sex as a way to pass the days and ease the tensions.And Jock's dad turned to him.He'd let Jock crawl into bed with him when his mother would be in the back yard hanging out clothes to dry. And in bed, he'd show his big, uncut Irish meat to his little son.He didn't force anything but he also didn't stop Jock littles nymphets when he'd lean over to taste the clear juice dribbling out of his father's penis.And so, for many years, all three men in the household were turning to or using Jock for sex.But being a shy little boy, and mortified to speak aloud about sex, let alone, that kind of stuff, Jock never said a word to anyone. He never even told movies pictures nymphet any of the three about either of the other two.And ls nymphette then it all became an even bigger, deeper, darker, buried secret which Jock was to keep for many decades because within the sweet little nude nymphets course of only two years, all three men were dead.Len got into a mysterious bar fight at kid nymphet pics underage a corner tavern several miles from their neighborhood. Someone cut his throat with a beer illegal porno nymphets bottle.It was such a violent, drunken event that no one ever asked many questions. And Len's name was rarely ever again mentioned.Jock's uncle then died of a heart attack.And a few month's later, Jock's own dad died of what seemed to be a chest cold asia schoolgirl nymphet bbs that nymphets land bbs turned to pneumonia.By the age of twelve, Jock was living in a household of women.Because his sisters were all so much older, it was like he had four mothers rather than just one.And they all continued to live under the same roof because money was tight and WWII had taken their beaus away.Jock was a lonely boy but found refuge in studies and daydreaming about seeing Hampton Court or maybe the Vatican one models nymphets 12 day.He knew it was wrong to like sex with other boys and men.So he knew to simply keep it secret. He never told anyone what he would really be doing every afternoon in the summer when he'd spend hours at Mark White Park.There, in the big, working nymphet top 100 class city park, he'd let men feel him up and put their hands down the back of his trousers so they could finger fuck him.In the extraordinarily large tiled restroom there he'd spend all morning in there getting his dick sucked or sucking the cocks of the different men who would come in.Although it seemed a fairly respectable park to those who didn't know better, it was actually a nymphettes illegal meeting ground for horny boys and the men who liked playing with them.The lines though back then weren't quite what they are today.In today's era of the hyper-aware soccer mom, such things don't much happen in city parks anymore. passionate little nymphets Not to the same degree.But back in the middle of the 20th century, there wasn't much, if any attention, paid to the things that men and boys did in the park - or in its men's room.As such, some afternoons would be a veritable orgy of tgp nymphette movie men getting blowjobs from boys or showing boys how men can fuck them.Older perverts would blow other adult men as they knew that curious little guys would be watching. They'd make certain the boys wouldn't miss a thing, including how the cocksucker loved drinking the white cream that came shooting out at him.Jock would often find himself in a stall being played with two or three men, each taking feels of his young erection or small, smooth butt.But Jock knew it had to all be a secret. And so, even if he were a mess as he'd return home, he'd simply explain to his mother or sisters that he was playing rough with the other boys in the park.Few women back then even thought to consider that the sweaty shirt or ripped backside of Jock's trousers came from anything but horseplay.As his mother would stitch up the ripped waistband of her boy's under shorts, she never in a million years thought it had come from a strange man in the park who had pulled roughly on them as to get them down.Once in high school, Jock quickly found other boys in his class who also maintained his same secret. They would pretend to study in his bedroom while instead they would 69 on the bed until interrupted by a knock on the door and a spinster sister saying, "It's almost dinner time, Jock."There were few options for guys in his neighborhood then. You either went into a trade like plumbing, for which nymphet teen toplist Jock had no training or interest. Or you needed money to go onto college. Or you got a low-paying job as a nymphet elwebb clerk at a hardware or department store.Jock craved more. And his only option was to pursue the priesthood.It seemed a good path for a teen in his economic situation. A luxury college education would be free since the Diocese paid for it.And it seemed the logical route that many of the more "intellectual" young men in such a neighborhood would take.And if he were a seminarian and later a nymphets underage lola Priest, no one would ever ask a guy, who liked secretly liked cock, why it was that he ukrainen nymphets wasn't married or considering marriage.Priesthood was (and long had been) the acrobatic nymphet mpegs ideal cover for cocksuckers and even those guys who liked man-boy play.Jock had a love-hate relationship with seminary life. He greatly loved the fact he was earning a Bachelor's Degree and for free. He loved the beautiful, sprawling campus which was St. Mary of the Lake in 1950's Mundelein, Illinois.He even loved the fact that so many of his fellow seminarians were so good-looking. And that every so often (and despite a "special friends" rule) on occasion, they could get or give another seminarian a quick blowjob while on a walk in the middle of the woods there.Jock always felt guilty about those "occasions of sin" - but they'd repeat often.It was when an older Priest and gruff professor of Greek sucked him nymphet foto art off in a basement restroom in his sophomore year nymphet undressing that Jock became increasingly torn about taking vows.On another occasion, this same Priest while playing with Jock's fine physique and sucking him off nymphet los in his cell of a dorm room, told him a secret of Mundelein.He told him how late-Cardinal Mundelein, who had built the large mansion on the grounds decades earlier, purposely located it so it was a long walk from the rest of the campus since he would conduct "parties" there in the evenings. The parties consisted of select seminarians he would fellate.Seminarians were hand-selected to attend those angel nymphets 14 parties if they were both good-looking and very well hung.And it's from those seminarians that the Cardinal would select those who would "advance" on to Rome.Being able to move on to and continue work as a young priest after ordination in Rome was the ultimate prize for most of the young men attending St. asia nymphets tgp Mary of the Lake.As he sucked and licked the length of Jock's very large penis, the russian nymphet 2006 old Priest invited Jock to one of those parties.And he went. By Christmas of his sophomore year, Jock was (again, raped nymphets secretly) participating in cocksucking orgies between college aged seminarians and older Priests, Monsignors, Bishops and the sitting Cardinal. In kinder nymphets fact, the Cardinal, an old man a paunch, would often direct the young seminarians into couples or positions of his liking.It wasn't the secret homosexual sex and networking that was obviously in place at the seminary and apparently throughout the Vatican system that turned Jock off from continuing on to ordination. It was his inability to learn Latin well enough to ever guarantee a slot in Rome.And more than being a Priest, Jock had (secretly) really only wanted to go to Rome in the first place.He had just wanted out of his working class neighborhood - whatever that may have meant.And so, after receiving his nymphet girl photo models degree but before ordination, Jock left the seminary.His mother and sisters were terribly disappointed since every Irish family wants at least one Priest in the family.Jock lived with them a while and got a job in a small book shop.And it wasn't long before he swung by Mark White Park again.And all the cocksucking, butt-fucking and cum-eating were still in full force nymphets porn links there.The difference though was that Jock found himself not the little boy anymore. 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By the age of twenty-sex, Jock's life consisted of reading classical literature, listening to classical music and avoiding his mother and sisters as best he could in the large apartment they shared in Bridgeport, the south side Irish neighborhood.During the week, he'd go to his job at the collectibles book shop, spending his lunch hour having sex in a men's room in the basement of an office building two blocks away.He had happened upon the tearoom on one of his forays checking out every possible men's room within radius of his job. Ever since he'd been a horny adolescent, he had been hooked on tearoom sex. It was easy and hot. And inside, any combination of males might come together.The building was free xxx little nymphets a 1920's skyscraper which housed assorted, very unglamorous businesses such as that of a cute nude nymphet cardboard manufacturer and a shoe materials supplier.But the basement men's room would usually be abuzz with the downtown suit and tie crowd, all getting off during the workday.Sometimes Jock would be the man sucking off others in his stall. But other times, he'd be one of five zoo nymphet or more taking turns feeding their dicks to a hungry middle-management type.But as the days watch nude nymphet went on and Jock reached his late-20s, his marital status began to become, if not an issue, nymphets nude young then certainly a topic of conversation.Now that he was no longer going to be a Priest, his sisters would ask him about some girl he had taken to a dance on a couple of occasions during his high school years. "She was such a nice girl", his sister, Bernadette, would say.And at work, his boss would ask Jock who he was dating. And, of course, Jock never had an answer.Or, rather, he always had the same answer which was "Nobody right now."But Jock was smart and knew that he couldn't get away with such a reply for years to come.And so he married.At twenty-seven, Jock married a naive girl of nineteen who worked as a receptionist in for the Insurance business which was next door to the book shop.He would encounter her on the street on their ways to work. In the mornings, stopping in for coffee and a doughnut, he saw her often at the same counter in the diner on the corner.They got to taking. She was a pretty girl. And while vivacious, she wasn't terribly well educated. And she didn't have much of a sense of men. Not really.Her Portuguese parents were very protective and their main ambition for their daughter was that she marry.Although such a marriage of ethnics wasn't terribly common in his Irish neighborhood, their shared Catholicism over-rode the perceived cultural differences.Due bbs dark nymphet to his having been a seminarian, Jock had maintained numerous contacts in the Catholic Church. He had, in fact, continued to maintain friendships and occasional sexual contacts with three seminarians who were now Priests.And one of those Priests presided over their wedding.Jock, while very discreet and almost able to set aside the fact that he had sucked the big cock of his Priest friend on many occasions while they were seminarians, also, secretly rather got off on that reality.As he stood at the altar with his bride, he couldn't help but get a mexican nymphet chuckle out of the surreal situation of a homosexual Priest, who often broke all vows of chastity to suck his cock, was now uniting him with a woman in a holy sacrament.But that was Jock. A man who was at once, and nearly equally, both sacred and profane.After the honeymoon during which he impregnating his new bride, Jock returned to work and his secret forays to his favorite tearooms in the city.It notty nymphets was while his new wife was in her last trimester that Jock found himself getting a new sense of the fun of his sexual depravity forums pics nymphets russian which was unbefitting a newlywed husband and father-to-be.When he would let men suck on his cock and especially when they would swallow his semen, he sexy nymphettes derived a new thrill from the experience. He'd look down at the stranger's head bobbing up and down, seeking a mouthload of his cum. And when he'd ejaculate, Jock would be thinking, "Fuck, this man is eating the same sperm that's made the kid in my wife's womb."His orgasms grew more intense as he'd think about how he was shooting his cumloads into these men while his wife sat at home, craving pancakes and pickled herring.Even in their intimate moments, Jock knew something had changed as he'd look at his bride's big, swollen belly.He knew that their child was inside, only inches on the other side of her stretched skin. child nymphet nude And as he prepared to jack himself off on her tits, as he had taken to during her pregnancy, believing it important then to avoid intercourse, an idea overcame him.He scooted down lower on their bed and tapped is lovely nymphets ukrainian nymphets large, heavy erection gently upon her stomach.His bride thought it strange but being his wife, allowed him to do it. Although a young woman, she was raised by immigrant parents who had Old World ways about them. And a wife never rejected or turned away from anything her husband demanded of her, especially, sexually.But Jock's real pleasure in thwacking his erect penis against his wife's belly would have shocked her had the idea ever come to light.In his way, he was hoping the baby inside could feel or hear the sounds of his thick erection through the layers of skin, fat and embryonic fluid.It nymphet teenies movs was a new concept that secretly titillated the father-to-be.He didn't quite understand why. It was, to him, simply something more tantalizing that focusing on his wife or any woman's body during sex.His first son was born two months later at nine in the morning. He had been readying to go to work when Jock realized that his wife was in bbs nymphetts labor.As he sat in the maternity ward waiting room, for some reason, he felt oddly turned on. He looked around to see two other fathers waiting for their wives to deliver. He glanced at their crotches and young nude nymphets art then his own. It turned him on knowing they had all gotten into the position they were now in, in that waiting room, because their dicks had to squirt up spermloads. And perhaps all on the same night nine months earlier.His in-laws came by the hospital that morning after he had called them.And then his mother visited later in the evening, along with his sisters once they got out of work.It's then that visiting hours were over. By eight o'clock, he escorted his mother and sisters to the bus stop outside the hospital. They invited him to join them for a late dinner but he refused, saying that he was tired.Instead, Jock took another bus in the other direction. He went to Mark White Park. Although it was dark, the park and its restroom remained unlocked until midnight.And it was on a dark evening that the men's room there could be its busiest.He got off the bus, a kid of about fourteen descending the steps ahead of him.Jock thought he had recognized the kid from somewhere. And he watched the boy make a beeline for the men's room, he understood why. nymphets illegal xxx He was the blonde-haired boy with the huge dick the men all liked to suck.He had seen this boy on one or two occasions before this. Once, Jock had walked into the men's room to see a large huddle of men crowding around a stall.Inside, they were taking turns feeling up this very young, but extremely well-endowed boy who just stood there in front of the toilet bowl.Jock made his way over to the huddle, looking in. He watched as one older man and then another each took a good, long suck of the boy's out-sized erection.Seeing that the kid was letting anyone have a feel or a suck, Jock, then, too, reached between two other men to cop a feel of the boy's cock. It was a handful. As he gripped the then-13 year old's big cock at its base, another elite hardcore nymphet two men reached in and grabbed it, too.They laughed since, as the three hands gripped it, it was like what baseball players might do with a bat.Jock tailed the kid into the restroom. He could see that they had walked in on a boy playing with real nude nymphets the penis of a man near the sinks. The little boy, not much older than eleven froze after pulling away his hand from the man's open fly. And the man quickly turned away in ls nymphets board an attempt to hide his very lengthy erection.But Jock signaled that things were cool and soon the man turned his hips back toward the pre-teen once again. cute nymphets net With a bit of encouragement from a nod of nymphets ls elwebbs Jock's head, the boy reached out once again and continued to feel the length of man's cock, milking it naked nymphette some as he did.When Jock turned, he noticed nymphet girls tgp that the blond-haired young teen had disappeared. There was only one place though to where he could have gone. And that was into one of the eight stalls in the back of the room.Although there was a door on each stall, it was common to see that none of those cruising would ever close his.Jock entered the short corridor where four stalls stood on either side. He saw that the first one contained a middle-aged man with a heavy five o'clock shadow, sitting on the toilet his trousers down to his workman's boots. To his side stood another man, clearly interrupted in the midst of getting a blowjob from the workman.And on the other side, Jock saw the same old cocksucker who often made that stall his home in the evenings. He had often seen the balding, gray-haired man, who looked like anyone's grandfather, sitting there sucking off one and then another cock that strayed small cute nymphets into the place needing quick relief. He had seen the man servicing a man is own age at one moment, and then, a few minutes later, servicing a hung high schooler who dropped by before going home after a game of basketball in the park.When he got to the middle of the stalls, he spotted the blonde kid. He was standing in a stall, his dungarees nymphet porn site already unbuttoned. He stood there, his back to a side partition, and slowly stroked his big, under-aged dick.The man sitting directly across of him, in the opposite stall was also masturbating. On the toilet, he sat with his legs spread wide, openly masturbating along with the kid.That was a common sight to see back then. Men openly and lewdly stroking their dicks for anyone, even little ones to see. Often, the boys who would come into that restroom would get their first, real gander at an adult man's penis, especially when fully erect.Or you would see men, just like that one, seated in a stall, not caring much who might see real nymphet them openly jerking off. Some would be direct as they would show off their hard cocks to other passing to a stall or sitting in those across from them. Some would perhaps even open their shirts to show off their hairy torsos to their impromptu audience.Yet other men were slyer than that. And they'd sit in a stall, their door open (or unclosed, rather). Like any man alone at home, they'd let their hand slip down to their fat meat and slowly begin to play with it, acting as though no one were watching.And it barely mattered to most of them if their voyeur were a horny old codger or a surprised yet wide-eyed, curious tyke.Jock stopped at the blond boy's stalls to join those watching him. Besides himself and the man in the stall directly across, yet a third man, his dress trousers at his calves, had gotten up out of his stall to peer around the wall as to get a better view of the hung teen.And the boy did what Jock had seen him do the other few times he had encountered him nymphets sex movies there. He pulled up his shirt to expose his very smooth and lanky young frame. The kid had great abs and skin like alabaster.Jock wondered what this boy's parents would think if they knew where he was at that moment. He wondered how many parents ever even considered the thought that their young sons might be offering their bodies in public toilets - and having sex with strangers many times their age.It was at that moment, remembering his first child, his son had been born only twelve hours earlier. And it was the first time that he knew that should his son, one day, disappear for an hour every so often, he would be a dad who would easily consider the possibility that he had perhaps gone off somewhere to let strangers and older men feel him up in a restroom or behind a garage off the alley behind the house.Jock even had to laugh tiny nymphets thumbs to himself as he had never much considered that possibility until just that moment. But that he now had a son. nymphetes pic A son that very likely could one day get into all the things that these other boys and men had been doing all these years.He even wondered if this john at Mark White Park would still be standing by the time his some might make the same discovered he and so many other neighborhood boys had over the decades.He then grimaced to himself as he recalled all the newspapers and city plans for upcoming "urban renewal". Damn if Mayor Daley got his hands on Mark White Park or began to tear down some of the index nymphet old buildings that offered the best, most cavernous tearooms in the city.Again, he chuckled to himself thinking, 'They better not do away with all these places before my son can use them one day.'Jock stepped forward, his cock tenting his dress slacks obscenely. But he didn't care. The kid had nymphet core seen a lot of men's cocks before if the behavior Jock had observed of him was any indication. 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His ass was as smooth as that of a baby's, as well as, it seemed to the man anyway, not too much bigger.Again he wondered with his handsome young teens parents might think if they saw him at just that moment.More importantly, he wondered what the boy's father might think if he saw his well-hung son being felt up like that by a strange man.That thought only got Jock hornier. He pressed his own large, hairy nymphets tgp girls cock into the kid's palm.He then leaned forward and in one swallow deep-throated half the kid's extraordinarily large shaft into his mouth.That got the other two men to nymphetts nude come closer. They pushed into the doorway of blond boy's stall. As Jock sucked the adolescent, the other two men reached in over him to feel up the boy's chest and to run their hands down along his ripped six pack abdomen. nudist nymphet toplist The kid was clearly a little athlete. Any man could see - and feel - that much.As Jock would move his head to one side, one of the other men would take the opportunity to lean in and get a suck of the boy's cock, too.Jock, now squatting in front of the little stud, would hold the boy's lengthy shaft at his balls and offer the cock to the other men. And each then took his turn sucking on the fourteen-year-old's over-sized dick. Even as the boy began to drool a sweet, thin river of precum, each man made sure to get a taste.It wasn't too long before the three men made the kid cum, though. But boys that age can come, remain hard and cum again in 10yo nymphets no time flat. 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The cum fountain shot up, as high as the kid's chin and fell onto the top of Jock's head. He quickly opened his mouth as another volley of the under-aged nymphet pics porn semen squirted into the air.And with subsequent squirts, the other two men reached into the stall as to catch a thick, pearlescent wad of the boy breeder milk into the palms of their hands.The boy's breath was short as through slits in his eyes, he could see that three men were acting all hungry to catch and taste loads of his sperm.Jock gently massaged the kid's hairless nuts using just his thumb and middle finger. He tried to help the boy pump out as much semen as his young body could muster.And then the boy moved aside a bit, trying to indicate that he was done. Each of the three men made movements to get one last feel of the boy's meaty cock, still hanging huge although quickly grown flaccid.Jock then glanced at his wristwatch and realized it was getting late. If he weren't home, he'd miss nymphet girls bikinis the ten o'clock news.And he had to get to work in the morning since he'd taken off that day.He even again had to remember that his wife was still in the hospital and would be for the next few days.And then he remembered why. His newborn nymphet rapidshare son.As he left the park and stood at the bus stop, he didn't understand precisely why, but as a new father, he free nymphet gallery was also newly invigorated.He couldn't help but keep thinking if maybe his own kid, when he was fourteen, would be doing any of the things that blond boy back in that stall had been doing.Or what he himself was doing as a nudes collections nymphets tyke.He suddenly realized the profound daring of the actions of Len, his exclusive nymphets uncle and especially his own father all those years ago.It couldn't have taken cute lil nymphets any of those three men, coming to the same conclusions and same actions, but separately, as it involved him. His own father couldn't have even nymphette tgp yo taken much time to consider the pros and cons of such behavior.'If a person takes some time thinking about a thing before doing it', Jock thought to himself, 'Then, perhaps father, as well as Uncle 12 nymphet russian Willy and Len, the man who lived downstairs, had each been waiting for such an opportunity as was he even long before he was born.'Just like Jock was now doing with the cum of a young index nymphets blond boy, someone's son, still sweet nymphets jpg on is breath, while his wife sat in a maternity bed having just delivered him his own son. A son he had barely held yet and yet had already wondered about numerous times as he cruised a nymphets bbs board nn park tearoom.END part one misterghjyahoo.commore to come...
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